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Commercial Assessment

The invention can be evaluated for commercial potential as well. The various factors that we consider in evaluating the commercial viability of an invention include potential applications, market size, potential licensing opportunities, funding opportunities, and challenges to commercialization.


We provide diverse services in the Trademarks field including: Trademark Searches, Proprietor/ Owner/ Applicant Searches, Drafting specification of goods and services, Trademark Application, International Registration under Madrid Agreement, Convention Trademark Filing in other countries, Provisional Refusals response and handling, Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Registration, Response to Office Action, Trademark hearings, Renewal services, Portfolio Management, Due Diligence, Trademark Oppositions, Trademark Cancellations.

Filing Requirements:

Trade Mark Application: 1. Name, address, and nationality of the Applicant; 2. Representation of the trade mark; 3. List of goods and services; 4. List of Classes; 5. Date of first use of the mark in India, if any (alternatively, the mark may be filed and registered on the basis of intent to use); 6.Translation, Transliteration, and Language of any non-English/ non-Hindi characters or words in the mark; 7.Priority application number, country, and date, if any;.


We provide diverse services in the Designs field including: Design Searches , Proprietor/ Owner/ Applicant searches, Design Applications, Convention Design Filing in other countries, Design Prosecution, Design Registration, Response to Office Action, Design Hearings, Renewal services, Portfolio Management, Assignment Records, Licensing and Records, Due Diligence, Design Cancellations

Filing Requirements:

Design Application: Name, address and nationality of the Applicant; Name of the article in respect of which the design is to be applied; International Class as per Locarno Classification; Statement of Novelty stating the features in which novelty is claimed; Different views of the article (such as front, back, side, top, bottom, perspective etc.); Priority application number, country and date, if any.


We provide diverse services in the Copyrights field including Copyright Searches; Copyright Applications, Copyright, Registration in other countries, Copyright Prosecution, Copyright Registration, Response to Office Action, Copyright Hearings, Portfolio Management, Assignment Records, Licensing and Records, Due Diligence, Copyright Cancellation Actions


For the first time, IPRSRG is launching, services for the guidance of research. We are not only thinking Intellectual Property right Services, we will also help you getting to your research topic and direction either you are Scientists, Students, Scholars, Professors, Individuals, Companies and R&D sectors etc. Anyone who has an interest in doing research, we will help you in doing in right track. If you are in the right path then you will achieve easily to your goal and you can get your right patent in very short duration. We will also help you to get your trademark and design easily and effectively

Many scientists have been working on the topic, which is already patented or not patentable or on disclosed idea or published articles. So we have a solution, we can answer your all types of questions. We are launching first time for all aspiring person who are doing research. And also for those who has the wish to get a patent which has great commercial value.

Pre-patent search report: Pre-patent search report gives you an idea of current research.

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