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Intellectual property (IP) is the creation of the human mind. It can include unique technological innovations, works of art, brand and concept names, symbols, logos, design and other ideas made real and tangible by creative individuals. Yet many businesses and individuals may not realize that they regularly create and use valuable IP assets in their workplace-assets which they need to protect and keep from being exploited or appropriated by competitors. To better serve the independent inventor and small business communities, IPRSRG FIRM  has committed to provide various training programs time to time in various places.

Are you still confused? Are you not able to decide yet? Do you have the following queries?

1. – Which Govt. agencies are working on Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Design, Biodiversity, Plant variety protection and Information Technology Field?

2. If a new Idea clicks in your mind, can it be patented immediately? Is it essential to show the demonstration?

3. Is an idea patentable or is it required a complete implementation for getting a patent?

4. Can we publish the research paper before filing the patent? Or can be disclosed or published invention patentable?

5. GMO, Cloning, Micro-organism and various technologies are difficult to define in the biotechnology field, so how can patenting be done in biotechnology?

6. Is there any facility available for online filing of patent, trademarks, copyright and design?

7. I want to patent my invention. How do I know that such a patent is not filed by anyone else in the past?

8. Once a patent is done, do I need to renew my patent every year? Is there any fee for its renewal?

9. If I want to file my patent abroad, do I need any permission and from whom? Any fee payable for it?

10. Is there any timeframe by which patent office will say yes or no to my application? Is the fee refunded to the application of the patent is not accepted?

11. What are the benefits available for a trademark registration to the applicant?

12. Can one transfer the ownership of a patent registered in his/her name?

13. – What are the types of inventions which are not patentable in India?

14. – If someone is misusing my patent and earning money, whom should one complaint for action. Police/IP Office

To resolve your queries mail to admin@ipsrg.com or contact us. We are always there at your service.

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