SERVICES: IPRSRG FIRM  offers a wide range of services in the field of Patents, Trademark, Design, Copyrights, commercialization and Research Guidance and Report writing.


Patent Searches, State of the art searches, Prior Art searches, Freedom to operate searches, Invalidation Searches, Subject Matter Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Filing, PCT International Application Filing, (more…)


Intellectual property (IP) is the creation of the human mind. It can include unique technological innovations, works of art, brand and concept names, symbols, logos, design and other ideas made real and tangible by creative individuals. Yet many businesses and individuals may not realize that they regularly create and use valuable IP assets in their (more…)


We are always looking for people who think out of the box. We would be glad to work with people who are eager to break away from conventional roles and do ‘jobs never done before’. Candidates possessing good academic credentials, excellent communication skills with an awareness of computer can send their resume to and also fill in below form cautiously: (more…)

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